learning platforms

Learning platforms for... Training Providers

Let us help you grow and manage and your training business through a bespoke learning platform.

As a training provider, you need a reliable and robust solution to deliver your content and courses. You need somewhere that makes purchasing and undertaking your courses simple. 

You need a solution that’s scalable and easy to manage.

You need a learning platform from BuildEmpire.

We are the learning platform provider of choice for training providers.

What can you do with a learning platform from BuildEmpire?

Sell your courses to organisations all over the world through our e-commerce solutions.
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Deliver live training to your clients through webinars to help ensure their learners remain engaged and on course.
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Create bespoke courses and learning pathways for your learners to follow. Courses can be delivered over one day or across multiple days using different types of content.
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Deliver training and courses through a range of content types from SCORM, PDF, video, audio files, webinars and more, your courses will cover all types of learners and their preferences.
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Blended learning made simple. Through a mixture of content that’s already been developed and webinars that are delivered in real time, blended learning has never been easier.
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Delivering training is great but your clients will want to know the results. How many of their employees or students completed the course, how did they score, who needs more work and many other reporting metrics.
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