Learning Platforms for... Healthcare

Advancements in medical practices, rapidly changing skills and new or updated government and regulatory changes; never has the need for learning and development support been more important in clinical and healthcare organisations.

BuildEmpire and Totara provides your healthcare practice or organisation with a flexible and scalable learning platform. One that can be used by your administrative employees as well as clinical and medical staff.

100% of surveyed NHS L&D professionals throughout the UK said that targeting training is easier in Totara Learn than in legacy systems.

A healthcare learning platform from Totara and BuildEmpire can:


Provide medical training to a diverse network of clinical and medical professionals


Upskill your teams on new healthcare technologies


Customize your healthcare training to meet the unique and individual needs of your staff


Tailor learning to individual audiences by role, location, and job function

East Lancashire Hospitals in the UK saved more than £250,000 on online learning and portfolio building.

We’re all aware of the issues with staff shortages and burnout amongst medical and healthcare professionals.

But how can a learning management system help combat these problems?

hosting & support

A healthcare learning platform can provide analytics and reports that provide an overview of employee learning and engagement across your healthcare organisation.

An learning platform from BuildEmpire can reduce staff turnover by developing skills that enable career growth and employee satisfaction.

A learning platform can train your managers to spot the signs of burnout as well as equip them with the necessary skills to help fight it.

Compliance is key to protecting your patients, staff, and organisation.

A learning platform for your healthcare organisation can help ensure regulatory, legal and compliance training is undertaken.

In addition, your learning platform can provide one central system to access data and reports for competency and compliance therefore removing the need for multiple systems. 

Deliver training to suppliers and vendors outside of your organisation

a learning platform

Scale specialist training to your network of sites and clinical staff

higher education

Host live and online training seminars for global employees

The British Dental Association makes around £600,000 a year by using Totara Learn platform to sell courses*