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The simple to use learning experience platform that uses the power of collaboration and informal learning to support high performance as well as engage and unite your team.

What is Totara Engage?

Totara Engage is a learning experience platform (LXP) designed to engage, unite, and upskill an entire workforce.

Using Totara Engage, employees can create and curate custom resources from any device, and share knowledge through collaborative workspaces. This facilitates social learning and drives employee engagement across your organisation.


Engagement is boosted by bringing everyone together; personalised learning and content curation is available for each user through the recommendation engine, and collaboration amongst peers is made an integral, everyday part of workplace learning.

What does Totara Engage do?

With Totara Engage, Learning and Development (L&D) teams are able to harness the power of informal learning and collaboration, whilst empowering their workforce to adapt and thrive in the new, digital working landscape.

This unique LXP allows businesses to increase engagement and share their internal knowledge, all through smart ways of delivering the right training, resources, and information, all at the right times.

What are the benefits of Totara Engage?

Totara Learn equips learning and development teams with a learning suite to help build transformational learning and training processes.

These tools upskill workforces, and provide a solution that adapts to the unique needs of each business including:

What makes Totara Engage different?

An LXP with all the tools you need for a high-performance workplace, Totara Engage is designed to accelerate skills acquisition with personalised learning and content curation, as well as boost learner engagement by bringing the entire workforce together in a digital space.

It does this by empowering all employees to become subject matter experts, enabling continuous learning by giving them the chance to create and curate resources into personalised playlists available on any device.

Engage, unite, and upskill your workforce

Totara offers an all-in-one workplace productivity suite, combining Totara Engage with Totara Learn and Totara Perform. And by working with BuildEmpire as your Totara partner, we’re able to offer a solution collectively, which empowers effective employee engagement strategies and peak productivity.

Frequently asked questions

Totara offers an integrated software suite that brings together learning management, employee engagement and performance management.

This suite, known as the Totara Talent Experience Platform, consists of:

  • Totara Learn – learning management system (LMS)
  • Totara Engage – learning experience platform (LXP)
  • Totara Perform – performance management system


The Totara Talent Experience Platform also includes a native mobile app, which is available to all subscribers on both Android and iOS.

The latest release (v17) took place in November 2022.

Totara releases minor updates monthly and from 2023, Totara will be distributing one major release every calendar year. Released each November, these annual major releases undergo extensive quality assurance and are audited by an independent security vendor.

Monthly minor releases include important bug fixes, security patches and any additional updates. Major releases include new features and functionality, performance improvements, bug fixes and security updates

The total cost of ownership for Totara Learn is based on a subscription, which varies with the number of users you have, plus fixed or ongoing costs for any additional services you may request through BuildEmpire, e.g., hosting, maintenance, support, user training, etc. To get a more exact price for your specific use case, speak to one of our team about your requirements.

Yes, Totara Learn can be used as a stand-alone Learning Management System, or alternatively, it can be combined with its sister products, Engage and Perform to provide a 360-degree learning and development solution.

Yes, Totara’s multi-tenancy functionality is ideal for organisations who want to run several learning management systems but retain central management, administration, or resource sharing to some extent. Each tenant site can have its own branding, courses, content, etc., and from a user viewpoint is a self-contained LMS. On the system level, tenants can be managed centrally, and sharing settings, resources, etc. between them is far simpler than it would be with separate platforms.

BuildEmpire offers various support and training options to help you get the most out of Totara. These options can include webinars, user forums, and personalised training sessions. The specific offerings may vary, so it’s best to reach out to our team to discuss your organisation’s support and training needs.

Migrating your existing training materials and content to Totara can be a straightforward process. BuildEmpire can assist you with the migration, helping you import your courses, content, and user data into the platform. The specific steps and requirements will depend on your existing content format.

Yes, BuildEmpire has the capability to provide custom development to tailor Totara to meet your unique organisational requirements. This can involve creating custom features, integrations, or enhancements to the platform.

Yes, Totara Learn provides integration capabilities. It can be integrated with a wide range of third-party software and systems, such as HR systems, content management systems, and video conferencing tools. Integrations can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Totara provides robust reporting and analytics features that allow you to track learner progress, course completion, and engagement. Custom reports can also be created to gather data relevant to your organisation’s learning objectives.

Yes, Totara Engage can be configured as a standalone Learning Experience Platform (LXP), however, combining Totara Learn and Totara Engage brings new learning and development opportunities to an organisation.

An LMS is designed to manage formal learning, whereas a Learning Experience Platform like Totara Engage is specifically designed to manage informal learning—the kind that happens on the job, between colleagues, and is often not formally recognised. It aims to record and track those valuable instances of knowledge transfer and content creation which might otherwise go under the radar.

Yes, Totara Engage is a versatile platform that can be used not only for internal employee training but also for customer and partner training and engagement. You can set up separate environments to serve different audiences while maintaining central management and administration.

Totara Perform is a separate product within the Totara Talent Experience Platform (TXP). While Totara Learn is focused on formal learning and training, and Totara Engage emphasises informal learning and knowledge sharing, Totara Perform is designed to manage performance management, including setting goals, appraisals, and feedback.

Totara Perform provides tools and features to help organisations set performance goals, track progress, conduct regular performance appraisals, and provide feedback to employees. By using Totara Perform, organisations can better align individual and team goals with overall business objectives and improve employee performance.

Yes, Totara Perform offers integration capabilities, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated with other HR and performance management tools and systems. This can help centralise performance management processes and streamline data exchange.