AssessTech is a technology and training company providing solutions to empower the people at the heart of the railway industry.

They champion the principle of developmental competence management, a proven method to optimise operations by reducing the risk of incident and improving performance. 

Reduced grading time by 50%
Reduced grading time by 50%
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Developed bespoke plugins to improve assessor/trainer workflows
Developed bespoke plugins to improve assessor/trainer workflows
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The challenge

The AssessTech training team utilise ‘AssessBook’ (the AssessTech LMS) to support classroom training courses with underpinning knowledge quizzes and assignment activities.

AssessBook is underpinned by the Totara Talent Experience Platform, and as a fellow Totara partner, we assisted AssessTech with bespoke development to improve assessor and trainer workflows. 

The aim for this project was to build upon the existing set of plugins and to create a new one that would provide similar benefits to the learner managers who represent cohorts of learners from Train Operating Companies (TOCs) as they undertake training courses with AssessTech.

Learner managers require visibility of their learners’ progression and submissions on the AssessBook platform; however, this wasn’t easy to accomplish with courses that consist of multiple activity types. Native Totara reports tend to be divided by activity type and were unable to represent the state of submissions in a visual way that AssessTech required.

Previously, AssessTech created reports that could be scheduled to learner managers; however, this would take them out of the workflow of looking within AssessBook to find the latest state of submissions.

To improve the experience for learner managers, we created a bespoke dashboard report that would provide a visual representation of this data within the AssessBook workflow.

The solution

Our bespoke development work for AssessTech encompassed the following key improvements:
  1. Streamlined Content Management: We implemented an improved search and tagging system to facilitate the discovery of ungraded work efficiently.
  2. Comprehensive Assignment History: A holistic view of learners’ previous assignments is now available, making it easier to track feedback and grade work effectively.
  3. Optimised Quiz Marking Workflow: Our new quiz marking workflow is designed to restrict the required grading to incorrect answers from previous attempts only, minimising redundant grading.

“It was an easy decision for us to build upon this partnership and to continue with a second project that would strengthen our offering as a training supplier in the railway space.” AssessTech

The results

AssessTech have only just started the roll-out phase to each of their learner managers, however, initial feedback has been positive and suggests that this has been a valuable update that provides great benefit to their experience. 

The initial project was a great success as AssessTech felt that the project brief had been fulfilled, a successful project had been delivered, and that a reliable and trustworthy connection with a knowledgeable and experienced development partner had been built. The results spoke for themselves with a 50% reduction in marking time for our assessors/trainers.

The expectation is that the project will deliver huge time savings to the learner managers through the real-time updates this functionality provides.

As AssessTech were able to schedule reporting in the past only, this meant the learner managers’ picture of their learners’ submissions was set at the date/time the reporting was sent. Now this can be accessed at any time to ensure learners are keeping up with their workload and signing off their training courses in a timely manner.