What is a learning platform?

If you’re new to the world of learning platforms or are looking for a new learning and development platform, then you’ve come to the right place…

So, what are learning platforms, and what can they do for your business? Let’s find out!

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What is a Learning Platform?

Learning platforms are systems used by learning and development teams and they can host, deliver and track training materials and learning content.

a learning platform

Help identify skills gaps

Learning platforms deliver, assess and record the achievements and completion of training materials of each employee.

They offer insight into an organisations learning needs and progress and can help identify any skills gaps whilst also ensuring compliance with regulatory and mandatory training.

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You’re in control

With learning platforms, the admin is in control of the learners’ journey, making it easy to keep track of employee training and development.

What features do learning platforms have?

Admins can create learning content by uploading files such as videos, podcasts, webinars, PDFs, SCORM files, images, text files, or link to articles. Content can then be grouped into courses, and/or assigned to individuals or groups of learners. In addition, some platforms link to Zoom and Teams for live training sessions, helping keep all of your learning in one centralised platform.

Admins can assign roles to individuals this allows control over who has access to different content, platform features and levels of administration. Users can then login and are automatically able to use the learning platform within their role-specific environment.

A learning platform offers multiple ways to learn. Asynchronous is on demand and self-paced through content types such as pre-recorded videos, SCORM files or PDFs. Synchronous learning is where everyone learns at the same time for example through a live webinar.

Assessments and assignments can be created and assigned to learners, who then complete and submit the assigned training via the learning platform. Question types can vary greatly from multiple choice through to free text, true or false, complete the blanks, and much more.

Through a learning platform, learners can feedback to both their admins and peers. This not only helps share knowledge but also offers insight and potential ways the learning experience can be improved.

Learning platforms can provide direct notifications, as well as the opportunity to discuss and leave comments to encourage collaborative learning and knowledge sharing amongst peers. Social features can also help with learner engagement and course completion.

Learning platforms provide the opportunity to track learner progress by reporting on key metrics i.e., completion, success, and attendance. This then helps admins to understand where knowledge gaps lie within the organisation so they can be filled.

Respond directly to individual learner and group needs and feedback by creating custom learning pathways. This can help identify areas where learners are struggling so you can provide additional support.

Additional benefits of a learning platform include…

Why choose learning platforms?

Learning platforms are a great solution for many businesses and offer a whole range of benefits, such as:

Cost savings

A learninf platform can reduce employee travel, often required with traditional training courses and reduces the need to use external instructors.

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Training via a learning platform is centralised and therefore consistent. All employees are granted access to a single source for all learning materials.

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A learning platform can help fulfil legal and regulatory training requirements by ensuring those who need it are assigned the learning and training materials and completion is then tracked easily.

Track progress and performance

Reports can be generated on an individual, group, or company-wide level meaning you can track the progress of the organisation, identify skills gaps and determine ROI of learning and development.

Totora Learning Platform Plugins

Totara is the UK’s leading learning platform. As a Platinum Alliance Partner, BuildEmpire utilises the Totara platform as the strong and scalable foundation for each unique learning platform we build.

Together, we’re here to become an extension of your business, and we will work with you to build an engaging and future proof learning management system that fits your needs.