Introducing: Totara 18

Totara 18

Totara Learn, a leading Learning Management System (LMS), has been a go-to solution for organisations seeking a powerful and versatile platform for their learning and development needs. With each new release, Totara (and more notably Totara 18) keeps pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the learning technology space.

Bringing with it a number of system improvements and all-new features, in this blog, we’ll dive into the exciting new features and enhancements coming in Totara 18, which is due to be released at the end of 2023.

Let’s see what’s in store. 

First of all, what is Totara?

Built up of 3 powerful solutions, all designed to help you build a better workplace, increase resilience, and prosper in today’s fast-changing world, Totara’s Talent Experience Platform consists of the following:

  1. Totara Learn LMS: Where Learning and Development (L&D) teams can upskill their workforce with flexibility to deliver transformational learning.
  2. Totara Engage: Where an entire business can unite to deliver high performance through that upskilling.
  3. Totara Perform: Where this power can be harnessed, allowing for continuous performance management, and boosted workplace productivity, anytime, anywhere.

What’s new in Totara 18?

Totara 18 brings some exciting new features and enhancements to improve your learning management experience.

These enhancements span the entire Totara Talent Experience Platform (TXP), and introduce new elements to both the Totara Learn learning management system and Totara Perform performance management platform. 

The noteworthy additions in Totara 18 include:

Enhanced Pathway Course Formatting: A streamlined format for courses with multiple activities, presenting a single activity or resource at a time. This clear overview tracks learners’ progress through the course more efficiently.

Scheduled User Deletion: Admins can now schedule the deletion of suspended user accounts, ensuring compliance with data protection laws becomes more automated and straightforward.

H5P Course Activity: Admins can create and publish interactive videos, quizzes, and games within Totara Learn using H5P activities. Engage your learners like never before.

Program Cloning: Admins can duplicate an entire program, using it as a template for new programs. All details, contents, and notifications are effortlessly transferred, saving you time.

Security Assertion Markup Language Single Sign-On (SAML SSO): Simplify user logins with SAML SSO authentication. Users can access Totara using their existing credentials, eliminating the need for multiple usernames and passwords.

Learning analytics integration with IntelliBoard: This integration is poised to significantly enhance the learning and business outcomes for our valued customers. It empowers them to securely harness data in real-time, fostering the creation of customisable dashboards, reports, and analytical tools to drive informed decision-making and optimise their learning endeavours.

Interested in upgrading to Totara 18?

As the latest version of the Totara Talent Experience Platform, Totara 18 comes with an improved content user interface, making it much easier to visualise a program’s content and the relationship between different course sets. 

It offers an improved, more streamlined, and tailored solution to L&D teams, and has been designed with the user in mind from the very first click. So much so that Totara 18 aims to provide an all-in-one workplace productivity suite which continues to evolve and grow alongside existing L&D teams.

Now, it’s all about working smarter, and Totara 18 makes that easier than ever.

Engage, unite, and upskill your workforce

By working with BuildEmpire as your Totara Talent Experience Platform partner, we’re able to offer a solution collectively, which empowers effective employee engagement strategies and peak productivity.

Alongside Totara 18, this makes us the perfect platform provider to offer consistent training and ongoing support of your L&D strategy, to ensure you and your learners always get the most out of your unique solution.

To find out more, get in touch.

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