Introducing: Totara 17

Introducing Totara 17

Now featuring further updates to the centralised notifications system, new dynamic layouts and streamlining of performance activities, Totara 17 is the latest version of the Totara Talent Experience Platform.

As the second major release of 2022, version 17 of the Totara Talent Experience Platform includes a number of exciting usability and user experience improvements, as well as a number of behind-the-scenes technical updates to help future proof your Totara site and ensure it can evolve and grow alongside your organisation.

Let’s take a deep dive into the new tools on offer.

What is Totara 17?

Totara 17 is the latest version of the Totara Talent Experience Platform; the second major release of 2022 and the most anticipated update for Totara and BuildEmpire customers.

Built up of 3 powerful solutions, all designed to help you build a better workplace, increase resilience, and prosper in today’s fast-changing world, the Totara Talent Experience Platform consists of the following:

  1. Totara Learn LMS: Where Learning and Development (L&D) teams can upskill their workforce with flexibility to deliver transformational learning.
  2. Totara Engage: Where an entire business can unite to deliver high performance through that upskilling
  3. Totara Perform: Where this power can be harnessed, allowing for continuous performance management, and boosted workplace productivity, anytime, anywhere.

What’s new about Totara 17?

The overall user experience has been a key focus for the Totara 17 update, giving a clear path to improving existing features and adding new ones.

The performance activity dashboard, for example, now allows users and managers to see a quick overview of all their current performance activities or access more information with a single click. This makes navigating through multi-stage performance activities, such as appraisals and feedback forms, easier than ever, thanks to an enhanced navigation side panel showing each stage and key visibility settings.

Administrators also now have easy access to participant response data with exports available in csv or Excel format or the option to view responses within a live report, with further analysis of the exports available to help identify organisational trends as well as opportunities for further supporting learning and development (L&D) activities.

But Totara didn’t stop there.

Totara 17 also brings a number of updates to achievement paths, notifications and layouts too. This now means users can:

  • Outline requirements for users to achieve proficiency levels in an assigned competency, in bulk
  • Build customised and personalised notifications relating to specific performance activities to help guide users through their ongoing and tailored learning and development tasks
  • Create easy-to-read and visually appealing content using multiple column layout options, a simple image resizing and captioning feature and new text layouts and styles
  • Assign multiple recipients of a single notification at once
  • Record, track audit and report on which notifications have been sent or received
  • Build powerful connections between the Totara Talent Experience Platform and other business critical systems by using a new API
  • Plus much more

Why do I need Totara 17?

As the latest version of the Totara Talent Experience Platform, Totara 17 offers an improved, more streamlined, and tailored solution to L&D teams.

It has been designed with the user in mind from the very first click and aims to provide an all-in-one workplace productivity suite which continues to evolve and grow alongside your organisation.

But the best part…

Totara 17 comes equipped with the next generation of their popular recommendations engine, which takes over personalised course, workspace and microlearning recommendations for learners, whilst offering improvements across system efficiency and site performance at the same time. It’s powered by their Machine Learning Service, and has proven exceptionally popular at saving managers time through automating otherwise time consuming tasks.

Now, it’s all about working smarter, and Totara 17 makes that easier than ever.

Engage, unite, and upskill your workforce

By working with BuildEmpire as your Totara Talent Experience Platform partner, we’re able to offer a solution collectively, which empowers effective employee engagement strategies and peak productivity.

Alongside Totara 17, this makes us the perfect platform provider to offer consistent training and ongoing support of your L&D strategy, to ensure you and your learners always get the most out of your unique solution.

To find out more, get in touch.

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