a unified, customised learning platform with interactivity and gamification

The Center for Creative Leadership® (CCL) is a top-ranked, global provider of leadership development. For over 50 years, they have offered cutting-edge solutions to over a million leaders at all levels.

CCL came to us to consolidate multiple learning platforms and develop their offering further, securing their place at the forefront of executive education.

A Totara upgrade, building of bespoke plugins to allow Totara to communicate with Service Bus (Microsoft Azure), Single Sign-on implementation using Auth0, custom features and learning activities.
  • 90% user growth

    30 days after launching

  • 6,374

    platform users

  • 11 cohorts

    registered for new programme

Previously, CCL had a number of different platforms to deliver courses for different parts of the organisation. CCL chose to use the BuildEmpire Totara platform as the one to replace all others as this one was the most robust and customised.

As part of this project, we had to make sure the new platform could handle larger volumes of users as well as extending Totara’s grouping functionality in order to facilitate CCL’s desired cohort behaviour.

CCL wanted a way to automatically enrol their students into Totara when they are added to their CRM. So, we built a plugin to connect Service Bus (Microsoft Azure messaging system) with their CRM and Totara platform.

The plugin receives information from the CRM and, from this, triggers the right action in Totara. The plugin also automatically updates any students in Totara if their information is updated in the CRM, making sure the data is always accurate.

As well as making sure CCL’s CRM and messaging system worked seamlessly with Totara, they also needed Totara to be integrated with their SSO software built using Auth0.
This allows users to be logged into the CCL learning system in a secure way, and from there, access any other CCL systems from just the one login.
Other systems include additional resources, assessments, and communities. This makes the user journey much more fluid and ensures all of the systems are highly secure.

Takeaways are a good way for students to collect information throughout a program which is particularly interesting to them, and they can export this information in a PDF format for future review purposes.

Students are also encouraged to reflect on their own learning throughout by adding comments to activities and discussing the content with their peers, which not only demonstrates their engagement, but is also proven to enhance cognitive skills.

To increase engagement, we implemented CCL’s concept of a ‘Skills Tracker’ and ‘Impact Points’ which allow students to track their progress and compete against each other.
Impact Points are earned by engaging with the course content and interacting with peers, and Skill Points are earned by completing course content and different activities.
Individual scores and progress are always visible for the student and the interface design make it clear to students what will earn them points.
  • Kyle Epps

    “We needed a platform that could allow us to more easily create custom courses, but that would also enable us to continue to deliver according to our engaging design.

    BuildEmpire was able to take our design goals and the feature-set core to Totara, and build us a platform that is truly unique – a truly engaging user experience on the front end for students, coupled with Totara’s ease of administration for our staff.”
    Kyle Epps, Senior Technical Product Manager


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