Why Businesses Should Encourage and Support Professional Development Opportunities

The benefits of giving staff the chance to learn and grow

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Advise some businesses to invest in optional training opportunities for staff and you could be met with silence… or, at least, some awkward laughter.

In fact, research shows that almost a third of businesses in the UK don’t offer employees the opportunity to learn new skills or invest time in development at all.

And, while forward-thinking, innovative business minds might find this ludicrous, it seems there’s still some work to do.

So, for those still unconvinced? We’ve outlined the key benefits of supporting professional development in the workplace, right here.

Make Your Company More Appealing

Often, businesses will miss out on hiring the brightest minds simply because, despite the salary, their brand values don’t demonstrate a clear path forward.

Today’s workforce is hungry for challenge and innovation – and they’re not happy to settle. So, when they’re searching for their next job, ideally, they want to work with a company that reflects their values.

Essentially, by showing potential employees that you’re all about growth and development, you’re far more likely to attract the best in the field.

Boost Job Satisfaction

Does your gut clench at the words staff retention rate? Having a high turn-over when it comes to your work force is no good thing, especially when you’re having to invest in the hiring process over and over again.

But one of the reasons for a high turn-over could simply be because staff have gotten everything they can out of their roles and feel they need to go elsewhere in order to continue growing – or take that next step on the career ladder.

You can change that, though.

By offering extra training opportunities for staff to continue learning, you’ll not only build up an army of experts in your own company but, also, stoke that motivation and fire that keeps staff at the top of their game.

Stay at The Forefront of Innovation

So, sure, offering extra training opportunities to staff is a great way to keep them happy and satisfied in their careers – but don’t dismiss the benefits it’ll bring to your business, either.

Allowing staff to invest time in their own training, backed by the boss’s support, means you’re also giving them the chance to learn new skills that may be desperately-needed to move your company forward.

By harnessing that hunger to learn, new, innovative ideas can be unlocked, creativity nurtured, and skills created that can be used to take your business to a whole new level.

The best part? You won’t have to go through a whole hiring process to do it.

Overcome The ‘Skills Gap’

Often, we see companies creating their business development plan, without the people in place to effectively take it forward.

That’s when they’ll start looking outside of the company for someone to step in, and then come up short when they realise it’s hard to find people with the right skills.

The good news? You have a whole team behind you already, dying for the chance to elevate their careers. The best part is that they already know the business, values and culture inside-out.

So, with more development opportunities offered at the earliest point, you can give staff the chance to learn the exact skills your company many need to promote growth in the future.

Provide an Even Better Service

With all these new skills and ideas now floating around in your company, it’s time to net those into real opportunities to offer clients an even better experience.

From utilising these new abilities into services you’ve never had the chance to offer before, to making processes smoother than ever, it’s all thanks to that additional training.

Simply put, it’s an investment working from the ground up.

So, How Can You Make It Happen?

It’s important to offer your staff the chance to learn and grow – but it needs to be done in a way that’s both flexible and cost effective.

And that’s where a customised learning management system (LMS), built to your exact needs, comes in.

Whether staff will be learning from home or at work, or you need various courses available at the click of a few buttons, we know how to build the LMS that works best for your business.

To get started, contact the BuildEmpire team today.