Why You Should Be Tracking Student Engagement Within Your Learning Management System

The key to making sure learners are getting the most out of their online course

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Imagine a world where you can tap into your students’ minds, see how they engage with their studies and work out what drives them to achieve top marks – at the tap of a few buttons.

Well, good news – it’s already here. All you need to do? Make the most of it.

Tracking student engagement within your learning management system (LMS) is key to getting an insight into how your online course is really working for your learners.

And, in an era where the modern workplace is becoming ever-dominated by advancing technologies, it’s undeniably important to be one step ahead of the game – including within your staff or student training.

That’s where using data analytics within eLearning can really shape the education experience.

From programmes that can help people upskill to keep their training relevant, to teaching new recruits how to step into newly-created roles, this insight is all about supporting learners to get the most out of their course, while being able to apply that education to the real-life job later on.

Fortunately, when working with an LMS provider to build your customised system, it’s something that can be easily incorporated into the set-up – and all you need to do is use it.

So, here are just some of the ways that, by tracking student engagement, you can keep the eLearning experience relevant and valuable:

Monitoring Student Engagement From The Beginning

This is probably one of the most important areas to keep an eye on when it comes to tracking the data.

Essentially, monitoring how quickly your students start their course will give you an idea of how engaged they are from the beginning – do they keep putting it off, or is it something they are jumping into with enthusiasm?

It might be that the course doesn’t look very interesting to them, or they fear it’s going to be difficult to do. By keeping an eye on this, you can react to what information you’re seeing, perhaps by even approaching these students and asking what is holding them back, so you can help them get started.

Looking At Time Management

Time management can be a big issue, particularly if your learners are doing their studying in their own time.

For these students, you may notice that they start the course, then take months to finish it – often dropping in and out with sudden bursts of motivation for short periods of time.

However, it’s also not always a bad thing and the beauty of eLearning is that learners can work at their own pace – you just want to make sure they definitely complete the course.

Do be aware, though, that it can also be an indication that learners are struggling with the modules and need to take longer than anticipated to complete the whole thing.

This is where you may notice trends in the data that show particular modules take longer to finish, giving you the opportunity to go back into the content and break things down better or provide more guidance on what the module requires.

Tracking The Results

Being able to analyse the final results from all of your learners can help you shape the course for future students. Or, for those who didn’t do so well, give you the opportunity to promote further study to help them reach their learning goals.

But one thing to think about is, if most of your learners struggle to get top marks, why is this happening? Is it because they aren’t engaging with the course properly or is it because the content isn’t meeting their learning needs?

It works the other way, too.

If everyone is getting top marks, but failing to replicate the training in their real-life jobs, is the course actually meeting the training requirements?

As well as giving you a complete picture of what’s happening within your course, successful results can also act as the basis for your marketing campaign if you are a training provider hoping to attract more clients.

To find out more about how you can incorporate analytics into your LMS, get in touch with the BuildEmpire team right here.