Top 5 benefits of an LMS for training providers

Benefits of an LMS for training providers

As a training provider, it’s so important to work with a reliable and robust solution to deliver training content and courses. Somewhere that makes purchasing and undertaking courses simple, a solution that’s scalable and a platform that’s easy to manage.

Deploying a bespoke learning management system (LMS) as a training provider can have countless benefits, and those working with BuildEmpire have already seen some staggering results. But what does ‘good’ really look like here, and what are the top 5 benefits of an LMS that training providers can make the most of?

An LMS allows for sheer business scalability

Whereas existing limitations for training providers include location, timings and physical restrictions to office spaces, an LMS can help to remove these barriers and allow training providers to grow and scale their business like nothing else.

In fact, an LMS can offer training providers the ability to sell their courses to organisations all over the world thanks to e-commerce solutions, meaning their once geo-restricted courses can be maximised to a global audience.

An LMS is much more cost effective

From travel and food, to hotel stays and board room bookings, expenses often pile up for training providers before the cost of the physical face-to-face training itself is even considered.

However, an LMS can help to cap these costs very quickly and effectively, more often than not, reducing them completely.

This is because an LMS enables staff to learn from the office, home or when on the move, saving on travel expenses entirely and working around their existing working lives. Couple this with the ability to create a course that can be reused and recycled, and an LMS can work out a lot cheaper in the long run.

An LMS makes blended learning simple

Through a mixture of content that’s already been developed and webinars that are delivered in real-time, blended learning becomes easier than ever.

This is because an LMS allows training providers to build both unique learning pathways and bespoke courses for learners to follow, designed to meet their particular learning needs.

What’s more, courses can also be delivered over one day or multiple days using different types of content too, all creating an engaging user experience which can be tailored to each desired training outcome.

An LMS offers multiple learning content types

By utilising an LMS, training providers can deliver their courses through a range of content types such as SCORM, PDF, video, audio files, webinars and many more, catering for all types or learners and their preferences.

An LMS can prove valuable return on investment (ROI)

It’s one thing to deliver actual training, but proving its worth to organisations deploying it is another matter.

Clients will want to know the results, such as how many of the employees or students complete the course, how did they score, who needs more training, would be a different format of learning better, plus any other reporting metrics they can get their hands on.

For training providers, it’s all about proving their worth, and showing real-time user analytics through an LMS can go a long way towards securing another training investment or not.


Since 2002 BuildEmpire have been building, hosting and supporting the most engaging learning management systems for a range of sectors and markets, all of which has led us to become the LMS provider of choice for training providers today.

Our solutions are scalable, robust, and will meet your exact needs, but don’t just take our word for it, find out about our customers’ experience here, to see how they benefited from these top 5 call outs thanks to deploying our bespoke LMS: Totara

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Together, we’re here to become an extension of your business, and we will work with you to build an engaging and future proof learning management system that fits your needs.

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