The biggest challenges faced by training providers and how to overcome them

Training provider challenges

From limited scalability to low engagement, there are a number of challenges faced by training providers. But what are the biggest challenges out there, and is there a way to overcome them?

Challenge 1Training is limited to location

How training providers can overcome this:

Gone are the days of needing to book meeting rooms, train tickets and hotel rooms just to deliver an hour long seminar. Today, training providers have the freedom to offer their services from wherever, whenever they wish, by using a learning management system (LMS) to establish their presence online.

But it’s not just about being behind a webcam instead of at the head of a table, its’s also a lot more cost effective too as an LMS can help to cap these costs very quickly and effectively, more often than not, reducing them completely.

Challenge 2 – Training offerings cannot be scaled up

How training providers can overcome this:

One of the biggest challenges faced by training providers is the fact that they want to do more, offer more, and see more results, but they can only do so much with the limited resource they have.

Whether it’s the desire to branch out their training into a new region, or to host multiple sessions during different time zones, there is only so much one person can do at any one time.

However, this challenge can be overcome by means of an LMS, which allows training providers the ability to sell their courses to organisations all over the world thanks to e-commerce solutions. In other words, their once geo-restricted courses can be maximised to a global audience quickly, so they’re able to scale their offerings without having to leave there seat, or stay up all night.

Challenge 3There are too many platforms to manage

How training providers can overcome this:

Consolidating multiple learning and logistic platforms into a single onboarding and LMS helps to develop a training providers’ offering by making their workloads easier to manage.

This is because an LMS can build learning activities directly from one core platform, as well as incorporate auto enrolment, gamification, single sign-on integrations, new platform theming and presentation, reflections and the consolidation of learning platforms, at the same time. All of which makes learning more effective by reducing any accessibility barriers.

Challenge 4 – Solutions don’t do what’s needed

How training providers can overcome this:

At BuildEmpire, sophisticated, feature-rich platforms are our speciality.

We’re able to build completely bespoke solutions with increased functionality for different learning groups, including integrations with mobile apps, single sign-on security, APIs to pull everything together, auto-enrolment onto courses and maximised learner engagement tracked and powered by Totara Learn, to name but a few.

Whatever LMS format your business needs, we’re here to help, and we’re confident that you won’t be disappointed. 

Challenge 5 – There’s no way to know if the training is working

How training providers can overcome this:

With an LMS, training providers are able to monitor just how much engagement their courses are getting, allowing them to identify where learners are either taking too long to start certain courses, skipping them completely or not getting to the end.

Using this data to set completion goals can be an impactful way of encouraging more participation, as well as helping training providers themselves to know what’s working and what needs improvement.

Challenge 6No one has time to attend training

How training providers can overcome this:

If training looks too long, time consuming or intimidating, it’s going to disengage the audience straight away.

People don’t have unlimited time or patience to devote to their learning, so keeping learning modules short will not only reassure learners that the training provider respects that their time is limited, but will also help them to engage more easily with the material, as it is easier to connect with small chunks of information such as short sections, quick exercises, and presentations which are not too text heavy.

Challenge 7Learners don’t engage unless there’s an incentive.

How training providers can overcome this:

Incentivise them.

Building gamification elements into an LMS can create friendly peer to peer competition, and is an effective tool for training providers as it helps learners identify solutions to problems through the input of several people and other types of mindsets, instead of just their own.

It also helps to motivate learners too, whether it’s through winning points, badges, levelling up or seeing their names on leader boards, and creates a sense of positive momentum throughout their entire learning experience, as they can physically see how their efforts are paying off.

For training providers, using gamification techniques has proven to be hugely successful when it comes to gaining and keeping their learners engaged. It really is a great way to make a positive impact, and overcome the challenge of having users who don’t just need to learn, but want to.


By working with BuildEmpire, training providers have been able to overcome their biggest challenges by deploying our bespoke LMS: Totarathe UK’s leading learning management system.

Together, we’re here to become an extension of your business, and we will work with you to build an engaging and future proof learning management system that fits your needs.

Find out more about Totara and BuildEmpire here.

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