Customised Learning Management Systems

Custom LMS Development to suit your organisation

We are experts at transforming basic LMS platforms into feature-packed, customised Learning Management Systems.

What is a Learning Management System?

A Learning Management System is similar to a Content Management System (CMS) but is specifically suited to allow you to manage online learning activities. A LMS is a system which will allow you to create a wonderful Virtual Learning Environment (what is a VLE?) and add resources.

A well built LMS is key to allowing Learning & Development Professionals construct learning journeys and monitor student engagement. A Learning Management System is also a training log, keeping a record of what learning has happened and allowing trainers to monitor and manage training over long periods of time.

Having a customised Learning Management System to suit your business needs can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your eLearning. In addition to the build itself, you’ll get full support from our team of experts to get you up and running and beyond. We will make sure your LMS does exactly what you need it to do, whether you are training your own staff, university students, or providing other companies with training materials.

Bespoke LMS Plugins

A bespoke plugin is an additional application which is built to work on top of or alongside the existing LMS, to improve functionality. You might need a bespoke plugin developing in order to integrate another piece of software with the LMS, in which case the plugin will work as a bridge between the two pieces of existing software, talking to both and making sure they work smoothly together, e.g. CRM integration with your LMS.

You might also need a bespoke plugin to add new features to your LMS, e.g. customised reports. This plugin would work seamlessly with an off-the-shelf or existing LMS to provide the bespoke experience you need, without having to re-build a completely new LMS from scratch.

A bespoke plugin might also be a way of automating processes by adding logic to a workflow, e.g. online applications, for a streamlined experience for learners and trainers.

Multi-tenant LMS

Multitenancy is a way of providing a single instance of software for multiple clients to use, but each client has access only to their own section of the software. This means if you are a training provider you can offer personalised training environments to each of your clients while just having to maintain one piece of software.

Each client is completely ‘boxed off’ from the other, so they get an experience which is tailored for them, enabling their learners to have the personalised, branded, experience they need. Trainers and admins within the organisation can control programmes, set assignments, and monitor learning activity all within their section of the software.

We can build this for you.

Customised Layout and Design

At BuildEmpire, when we say customised design, we don’t just mean changing a few colour schemes and adding your logo to the LMS, we can offer a complete remodelling of the way the LMS looks and works for you and your students.

Whether it is a case of restructuring the way the user moves through their learning journey, or you’d like to strip back the content on the page, or simply re-design the LMS so it looks like part of your website… we can help you with this.

For more information about our User Interface Design services, take a look at our dedicated solutions page User Interface Design.

Organising Learning Groups & Cohorts

Chances are, you don’t just have one group of students. Most training providers, universities, and companies training their own staff have different cohorts and groups of learners. You might have different enrollment dates, different levels, different disciplines, different departments… which might be difficult to track and manage in some basic LMSs.

By using a combination of bespoke development work and native LMS features, we can give you the ability to manage these learning groups so they each have a personalised experience when learning with you. Running reports for these different cohorts can also give you better monitoring capabilities.

Totara Learn

We have found Totara Learn is an excellent platform to build on top of and transform the way your LMS works for you.

We work with the architecture of Totara Learn to re-engineer the LMS and, in some cases, completely transform the learning environment. As a Totara Solutions Partner, we have customised Totara Learn for both corporate and education clients to enhance learning experiences to suit individual organisation needs.


Developing bespoke features for Learning Management Systems is our bread and butter.

Don’t settle for an out-of-the-box LMS, there is a better way of doing things.



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