Learning Management Systems

Deliver, manage and sell digital learning with a custom branded Totara Learn or Moodle LMS

Do you need a LMS to deliver training to your staff and customers? We can help you get up and running fast with a Totara Learn or Moodle Platform, with endless options for customisation.


What is a Learning Management System?

A Learning Management System is a platform which allows you to deliver online training activities to your learner. Your learners will be able to log into this virtual learning environment and access their learning materials. Common learning materials to add to an LMS are SCORM courses, quizzes, PDFs, and videos if your LMS accepts these.

A well built LMS is also important for keeping track of learner activity and monitoring how your students are getting on. Reporting tools with the LMS helps trainers manage multiple courses and programmes over long periods of time.

A Learning Management System is the most efficient way to deliver online training and keep track of your learners. Whether you are offering training to your own staff, or selling training courses as a business, or in education such as a University or school, an LMS is essential for delivering successful digital training.

What do I get out of the box?

  • Learner and user management
  • Reporting and Engagement monitoring tools
  • Variety of Learning Activities
  • Course and programme management
  • No tie-in to one vendor
  • Social and collaborative learning
  • Customisable themes
  • Access Management
  • Learning Journeys with Personalisation

Take a look at this Moodle and Totara Learn comparison to learn more about what features they both offer out of the box.

What we bring to Totara Learn and Moodle

Custom Branding

Customise the look and feel of your platform to suit your branding.


Give students secure access when they are already logged into your other systems.

eCommerce Package

Set up payment gateways and course catalogues.


Add video-based activities for learners

Webinar Integrations

Video call with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, and more.

Training, Support & Hosting

After your LMS is built, we won’t just disappear into the ether, we provide full training on how to use your new platform and show you how to get started. This includes training for any other members of your team who will be using the platform, to make sure you are all ready to get going on the new system easily and quickly.

Throughout your project build, you will be allocated your own project manager to answer your questions and take feedback from you at various stages of the development process. Once your platform is ready to go, this doesn’t have to end. We have a range of support packages and maintenance contracts to suit you. Whether you just need someone to take care of system updates every few months, or whether you want the full 24 hours support 365 days a year, we can do that for you.


Whether you need to get up and running with an LMS for the first time, or you need to replace an outdated system, get in touch.

Our experts will build you a reliable Totara Learn or Moodle platform in a matter of weeks.



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