Enterprise Infrastructure & Architecture

Building the right infrastructure to support your systems is paramount. We always look at the big picture. 

What is Infrastructure & Architecture?

Similar to the infrastructure and architecture of a building, the infrastructure and architecture of software is the process of planning, building and implementing large-scale software systems. Architectural choices for software might be, for example, what databases are needed, how many servers are required, and what security is appropriate. Documenting software architecture is also important for future building and development of the software systems.

How can BuildEmpire help with Infrastructure?

We love builds on a grand scale. If you are a large organisation, you might have multiple pieces of software systems used across a range of departments. Integrating and consolidating these systems might seem like a daunting task… that’s where we come in!

Having the right infrastructure in place is important to ensure your systems work together and run at a good speed, are scalable and secure. We have the experience and expertise to build enterprise-grade infrastructure, making decisions around load balancing, auto-scaling, failover, and redundancy.

When the success of your business rests on these software systems, you need to be confident your software is in the right hands. We have experience dealing with large eLearning software systems for both corporate and academic clients. We know how important these systems are to you and have everything in place to look after them and keep them running smoothly.


Dream big. You should never be limited or slowed down by technology, that’s why we build globally scalable solutions for our clients, ensuring fast delivery from Birmingham to Bahrain. We’ll make sure everything is in place for global access and huge traffic spikes, just in case.

How do we do this? We utilise a CDN (content delivery network) which ensures content is delivered from the closest node (like a server) to the user, wherever they are in the world. We are experienced using a suite of tools including AWS (Amazon Web Services), Opscode Chef, Terraform, Docker and Vagrant to aid in the provision and configuration of stable and secure infrastructure.

What are the benefits of working this way? In short, speed and reliability. Users will be able to access content quickly, despite being half way across the world, and they will be able to rely on your product. The CDM also handles caching, so returning visitors can experience even faster content delivery.


Frequently testing the security and durability of your infrastructure is a key part of our process.

Examples of testing could be:

  • Load testing – simulating a very high number of users on the platform (e.g. 10 x peak user numbers) and monitoring site running speed
  • Penetration testing – simulating an attack on the system to discover any weaknesses and vulnerabilities

We have the resources and skill sets to build and support environments that will comfortably pass these tests and other third-party tests. We don’t just think, we know we develop secure and reliable environments to help build your business, and we have the tests to prove it.


So, go ahead and dream big, knowing your software is in the right hands. Not everyone can do that.