Engaging Virtual Learning Environments

Using technology to create engaging learning platforms

Whether you are a school, university or business, we can help you build engaging Virtual Learning Environments for your students.


What is a Virtual Learning Environment or VLE?

A virtual learning environment is a digital space where learners can access training materials, navigate through activities, and most importantly, learn. A virtual learning environment is the part of your LMS (what is an LMS?) which users can see and interact with.

Traditionally an academic tool, VLEs are becoming increasingly popular in the corporate training world as companies strive to offer their workforce the very best professional development. Focussing on learner engagement in the virtual world can be challenging with some traditional tools, but we can use technology to make sure learners are interacting with content in an engaging and memorable way.

It is important to design this space carefully, so learning can happen effectively.

Interactive Activities

Offering learners a chance to interact with course material within a VLE has huge benefits. The more users interact with new information, the more they further their understanding and retain the information.

Traditional interactions include quizzes, drag and drop activities, multiple-choice… etc, but it doesn’t have to end there. BuildEmpire can build you bespoke interactions to add into your VLE, just to suit your students and learning materials.

What about allowing students to interact with video content? Highlight the important part of a new resource? Or maybe collect their own downloadable revision notes as they go? We can help bring your interactive ideas to life by building the technology behind them.


Video can be a very effective way to communicate information to students, but what’s to stop users becoming passive learners and not digesting the information properly? Rather than just allowing students to watch a video, why not encourage them to interact with it?

For example, you might want to allow students or tutors to add bookmarks to certain points in the video, or answer questions partway through the video. BuildEmpire can help you to build an interactive learning experience using video, rather than a simple video player within your VLE.


At BuildEmpire, we know gamification is a great way to engage learners and help people get the most out of their eLearning. Introducing an element of competition within eLearning can give learners a feeling of satisfaction and achievement as they strive to meet targets and gain badges alongside their peers.

That’s why we have created Virtual Learning Environments for our clients with ‘engagement points’ and awards schemes. Award schemes are a longer-term gamification technique and allow students to complete courses as if they were levels of a game, receiving awards for progression.

As well as being a great way to introduce a competitive element, ‘interaction points’ and awards are a good way for tutors to monitor engagement in a quantifiable way.

Watch engagement increase as users try to beat their classmates and see their own progression through their learning journey.

Revision Notes

eLearning is not just about presenting information and then testing the learner immediately with a quiz. Sometimes, you need to prepare a learner for an exam or situation which may be months or years in the future, e.g. students on a Univerity course. In this situation, you might want students to be able to make notes as they go through their course, adding them to a downloadable resource bank for future reference.

BuildEmpire has experience building this sort of functionality into VLEs for clients, so their students can get the most out of their learning. Everyone learns in a different way, and it is important to give students the opportunity to take information away in a form that makes sense to them and be able to use this in times of revision or implementation.

Students might want to be able to make note of something a student has said, or a reference to an external resource for later, as well as information given as part of the course. It’s all possible, we’re here to build it for you.

Social Learning

eLearning, in the early days, used to be very singular and something you did in isolation. Today’s eLearning is much different. Social learning is a fast-growing trend, and for good reason. Studies show in certain circumstances people learn better working together.

At BuildEmpire, we have experience building bespoke VLE features that allow students to communicate within the VLE, as well as students and educators conducting dialogue around resources – again, all within the VLE. From individual and group chat functions to whole class notifications, social learning allows your students and staff to learn from each other.

Collaboration and social learning doesn’t have to be limited to face to face activities, allow your students to learn together within a digital landscape.


We will create an engaging VLE to suit your students.  If there is a feature you need, just ask. We love a challenge.



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