APIs & Integrations

We can build integrations between your software systems to ease staff workload, improve user experience, and drive revenue.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Web APIs allow interaction between two or more applications so that systems can share data directly and work together. An API is a set of programming instructions which allow integrations to happen.

For example, if you have your user details on one database, and their test scores on your LMS, you might want to bring the information together. An API could make sure when test scores are added to the LMS it is automatically transferred across to the main database instead of having to input the data directly.

Why are APIs and Integrations Useful?

Happy Customers – The main benefit of integrated systems is usability. One platform offers a much better experience for a customer coming to your site. They don’t have to access another platform for their learning, they can go straight to the initial site where they made a purchase. If you choose, your branding can be consistent across all platforms, and the experience seamless for customers.

Happy Staff – Customers are not the only people who will appreciate the fluidity of an integrated platform. Using different software systems on a daily basis can be time-consuming for staff. With an integrated CMS, Authoring Tool, and eCommerce platform (for example), staff would be able to access one admin system to update site blog content, product catalogs, and course content in the same place. We are even able to build in different admin rights and areas of access for your different departments.

Happy Data – Transferring data manually between systems can be time-consuming and increase the risk of human error. Integrating software is all about making the software do the work, not you. If the data is transferred automatically by the API, then there is a reduced chance of mistakes, data is always up to date and live across all systems, and transfers happen instantly.

We will make sure your software makes your life easier, not more complicated.

Selling eLearning & Upselling

If your business sells eLearning, to individuals or other businesses, we know you will have a set of bespoke needs in order to offer the best products to your clients. We have experience working with training providers to integrate their eCommerce platform with their LMS in order to upsell to customers at the right moment. Imagine your customer has just completed their intermediate course in Health and Safety. Wouldn’t it be useful to offer them the chance to buy the advanced course, as soon as they had finished? Integrating the right software can help you generate more revenue.

At BuildEmpire we also have experience integrating learning platforms with Content Management Systems (CMS) to make content marketing possible. We often build bespoke content management systems, but we are equally as comfortable customising well-known technologies such as WordPress and Drupal. Examples of other sales and marketing technologies we have worked with are Eloqua, Oracle, Mailchimp, Magento, and Shopify.

We will take a look at your needs and build a solution around you.

Examples of Integrations

A user buys a course on your eCommerce platform – their details then get logged automatically into your CRM – they then go on to complete the course – their score is logged on Oracle – a message is sent to the marketing automation platform to send them the right upselling email.

A user completes a course in the VLE – their records are updated – a message is sent to the CRM and the sales person so they can call them.

Staff are analysing where the best students come from – the LMS is linked to the CRM so staff are able to look at where the person came from as well as their up to date scores.


APIs and Integrations could make all the difference if you are training people on a large scale. We like to make the software do the work, not you.



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