Wahoo Learning's Bespoke Take on Totara Learn

Wahoo Learning provides training for market leaders in the communications infrastructure community, delivering tens of thousands of courses annually and globally. Wahoo Learning came to BuildEmpire looking for a new way to sell and deliver their eLearning content.

A Totara platform with a custom user interface, which can be adapted to suit different clients, as well as the ability to sell courses directly to learners.
  • Platform white-labelling

  • Course showcasing

  • Bespoke Administrator Functions

A bespoke catalogue plugin gives staff at Wahoo Learning the ability to add a course summary to their website every time they upload a course in Totara. This helps Wahoo Learning showcase their courses to potential customers and means that users can go into this catalog to browse the courses before they purchase them. Having this catalogue linked to Totara also means users have a smooth journey from first browsing the course, to purchase, then to completing the course.

As well as having an online catalog of courses, Wahoo Learning needed the freedom to add other pages to their website, e.g. a homepage, and manage the website menu options too. For this, we built a bespoke plugin for Totara so that administrators only had to log into one place (Totara) and they could begin creating additional website pages and optimising them for SEO as you would in a CMS.

Totara Learn has lots of gamification features which help engage learners using the platform, such as the ability to earn certificates. On top of this, we developed ‘badges’ which can be earned by the learners. As well as generating an online PDF, a digital qualification badge is also created, which can be saved to a mobile. We also enhanced the reporting functionality in order to allow a wider range of reports to be run to monitor learner activity and progress.

So as not to interrupt the user flow, Wahoo Learning needed an integrated payment gateway for their LMS, as well as some bespoke functionality to enable staff to create vouchers for clients.

The payment integration we built means payments are managed automatically, without staff needing to process the payments separately.

The discount code functionality enables Wahoo Learning staff to generate discount codes which work in different ways for different customers, so they can look after customers on an individual basis.

Our team developed a complex hierarchy system into the Totara Learn platform which determines the permissions of each user. This hierarchy goes from ‘learners’ who only have access to their own learning material, and builds up to a ‘global manager’ who can purchase and distribute courses to their teams in the form of ‘seats’. Within this, there is scope for any organisation to be accommodated, no matter the size and structure.


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