A learning platform designed around delivering webinars

MBL provides learning and development for professional service firms, delivering face-to-face seminars, conferences, and in-house training. Their digital learning, which compliments their face to face training, includes webinars, Learn Live and SCORM content on their learning platform.

A Totara LMS with custom UI design and bespoke webhooks to integrate MBL systems. The platform has custom activities so MBL can showcase their pre-recorded seminars and also works seamlessly on mobile.
  • 30,000+

    users accessing the LMS

  • 2,000

    different courses

  • Multiple complex integrations

The User Interface we designed for MBL keeps the learner’s experience streamlined and intuitive, allows students to clearly see what courses are available to them, what courses are in progress, and what certificates they have earned.

Our design team retained the main MBL colour, but refreshed the rest of the digital colour palette to feel more modern and vibrant. The new interface adds clarity to the platform and creates a calm, learner focussed environment for the users.

The custom-made video activity we built for MBL’s Totara platform allows students to watch webinars as part of a course and then answer quizzes on the content. The students are automatically asked to provide feedback, which is sent to MBL admins automatically, minimising the time MBL staff have to spend configuring activities within Totara.

To assist the migration of webinar videos, we built a plugin that sends resources from MBL’s old learning platform to the new Totara platform via webhook.

MBL’s clients are able to either purchase single courses for themselves and their colleagues, or purchase a subscription, all via MBL’s booking system. Rather than leaving the LMS and the booking system as two separate entities, our developers built a webhook which integrates the two.

This means that when a booking is received, the organisation structure and user are created in Totara. If the subscriptions are then changed, renewed, or cancelled, Totara is automatically updated to reflect this.

As well as offering webinar courses, MBL wanted to start offering more interactive content by using SCORM. Totara natively allows trainers to add SCORM activities to courses, so our development team used this as a base and developed the new user interface for both mobile and desktop use on top of this.

Our developers enhanced the mobile user interface to make sure that SCORM courses always open in full screen to give mobile users a much better experience.

Learn Live is a live interactive course which MBL delivers via Adobe Connect. As well as being able to promote Learn Live within the LMS, it was also important to make sure all the information including learner

As the course was held outside Totara, our team built another webhook to collect the Learn Live completion information and record it in Totara. This means that all training information is stored in one place and certificates can be issued from Totara.

As well as making sure their new Totara platform was up to date with necessary learner information, MBL wanted to make sure their original CRM was also always kept up to date with all the information Totara was collecting.

So, we made sure the platforms were fully integrated so student information and course completion data can be gathered and fed back to update MBL’s CRM, from Totara, saving MBL time and ensuring student data is always correct.

In order to give the users a seamless journey from the MBL website to the LMS, we implemented the Microsoft Azure SSO solution.

The result is that students no longer need to enter a username and password to enter the Totara LMS as this will be captured from the student logging into MBL’s homepage, and an authorisation token sent to Totara. When the user enters the LMS, they are taken straight to their dashboard of courses for a personalised experience.
  • Sarah Maundrel

    “BuildEmpire is a trusted partner on our digital transformation journey. Their Agile approach allows us to flex our requirements in-line with the changing demands of the business, without any compromise on quality.

    The team brings knowledgeable insights to what, at times, is a sketchy brief and they have been fundamental in building both a robust and scalable solution”
    Sarah Maundrell, Operations Director


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