Edge of Play

A bespoke football training video platform

Edge of Play is an organisation that works to build a global, online community for football coaches, providing them with training resources and support.

Edge of Play came to us with a need for a bespoke video platform to host and deliver training.

The design and build of bespoke video platform which allows users to access video content wherever they are in the world, on whatever device they are using.
  • 400

    online videos

  • 7,000

    users accessing the platform

  • 325,000+

    video plays

As well as acting as a VLE for logged in users, Edge of Play’s video platform also had to include more standard website pages, optimised for search engines, and a CMS so that the team could manage and maintain the web pages. The website includes a homepage, about us, and contact us, as well as public video pages, and advertising space which gives the team the option to monetise the platform in the future.

Edge of Play also wanted to offer their users a personalised experience by offering users the chance to create their own account. Users are encouraged to log in to the new platform to keep up to date with new resources and can also favourite content for easy recall in the future. This also then helps Edge of Play learn more about their audience and tailor resources accordingly.

The most important element of this project was to make sure that the video streaming was reliable and suitable for coaches who are often using mobile devices and working outside.

To cater for this, the platform automatically transcodes any video into several different quality bitrate versions when it is added, and then selects the most appropriate one to play back depending on the trainer’s device and internet speed. This means the user will always experience a good quality, fast-loading video.

The first thing our design team set to work on was helping Edge of Play establish their brand guidelines and styling. From there, our designers began creating a platform design which looked and behaved like a modern website, but would offer those logged in a more personalised VLE experience. It was important that the website was easy to navigate so our designers kept the look and feel of the site clean and bold, stripping out any unnecessary distractions.
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    James Stokes, Director



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