Is Your Online Learning Environment Secure?

How can you make sure your learning environment is secure in the cloud?

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Online safety is a hot topic these days, as more people than ever before use the internet to inform almost every part of their daily lives – from banking to reading the latest news.

Unfortunately, with that, comes some costly challenges, with reports showing that back in 2018, globally, cybercrime was costing £2.3million per minute.

Yes, that’s right – per minute.

And one of the key problems is that there are so many types of cybercrime, whether it’s hacking for personal information, stealing money or taking down large companies overnight.

This means that businesses are constantly having to update their security to ensure the highest safety measures are in place to protect their valuable assets – and Learning Management Systems (LMS) are just as vulnerable as other online portals.

That’s why making sure you’re taking key steps to ensure your audience is protected is vital and best achieved with the help of a trusted developer.

So, with that in mind, we’ve pulled together a nifty list of things should you be thinking about when it comes to securing your online learning environment.

Access Restriction

When building your system, you want only people who have a username and password combination to enter your portal, ensuring that they’re trusted users that have either a) paid to use the system or b) have been given authorised access.

By making sure you can monitor who is accessing your learning environment, you can certify that any conversations in forums are kept private and for only those who have enrolled, as well as preventing sensitive data from being accessed without permission.

Limit Login Attempts

By limiting login attempts to a few times, then requiring a password re-set in order to re-gain access, users are protected from hackers trying to use their information to gain personal information.

You could even set a code request up, so only those who have the right mobile number can send the password re-set email, or create CAPTCHA tests to weed out online bots.


You may think that encryption is something reserved for the latest action film – but the reality is that this is actually one of the key ways to keep important data hidden or inaccessible to unauthorised users.

To keep data protected, encryption must be implemented across all levels of your system, giving you and your audience the peace of mind that, no matter where they access their account from, their information is being protected.

Single Sign-on

Single Sign-On (SSO) is often a great way of not only improving your security but making it easier for staff and students to access the systems they need in order to work efficiently. Single Sign-on might sound counter-intuitive upon first hearing the phrase (it can sound like the opposite of 2-factor-auth, but it isn’t!), but it can provide several security enhancements.

Good quality SSO providers are experts in dealing with brute-force attacks on systems and defending systems against hackers. If you are interested in reading more about the technical side of this, take a look at this article which gives a glimpse into some ways of defending against brute-force attacks.

Fewer passwords also mean a lower chance of staff and students writing down passwords for multiple logins, and potentially sharing or running into issues when they forget.


As technology evolves, so do ways of beating the system – which is why keeping up with your security updates and re-evaluating your current process on a regular basis is key to maintaining high security.

If you are working with a talented developer to build your system, they will be able to ensure that you remain on-the-ball and give you any advice you need about maintaining high security in the future. If you are working with a security provider (whether SSO or other) make sure you (or your development team) run the updates they provide, everytime.

Choosing the Right LMS Provider

For some people, choosing the right LMS provider can be one of the most valuable ways of making sure your audience is protected in a trusted online learning environment.

And the right LMS developer will ensure they’re catering to your needs – whether you are looking to build your own system entirely or host from a cloud-based environment – and make you aware of any security risks and how to overcome them.

Here at BuildEmpire, online security is the top of our agenda and we are ready to help you find the right path for your educational business.

If you’d like to find out more, just drop us a line here.