What software can I integrate with my LMS and why should I do it?

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Ditching clunky processes is just one way to make a business run more efficiently, and that shouldn’t change when it comes to your learning management system (LMS).

In fact, there’s nothing worse than having a million logins for different pieces of software, each which require multiple programmes open on your desktop… all so you can perform a normal day in the office.

So, how can you make sure your LMS isn’t hindering your staff and making things more tedious?

The good news is that you can integrate your eLearning platform to work across your office applications. From your CRM to your online calendar, it’s all about making it work for you.

If you’re not convinced, here are some more reasons why you should make this a key part of your LMS planning.

The benefits of an integrated LMS

Successful LMS integration can mean a number of things for your business, particularly when it comes to HR.

For example, when utilising your LMS alongside your HR systems, it can not only massively save time on data input and maintenance, but also reduce the risk of sharing inaccurate user data and ensure employees are staying on the right training path – all at the click of a few buttons.

This can help your HR team pull together a more personalised online training experience for each staff member, as well as allow them to identify and translate information into actionable goals.

It doesn’t start and end with your HR team, though. For those using the LMS on a day-to-day basis, it can mean a world of ease. Features such as single sign-on to being able to share information with key stakeholders across departments from one place. The right software combination can address all your technical and functional needs.

The result? Improved efficiency and productivity, plus a lot of time saving.

So, what other examples of software integrations can I use?

Here at BuildEmpire, we strive to ensure that our clients are getting absolutely everything they can out of their LMS. We love being inventive when it comes to merging software and creating a smooth platform experience for our customers.

Our bespoke software development is all about giving you the chance to do something a little different from your competition, by engaging your audience and helping you breathe efficiency in every area of what you do.

Some of our key integration options include:

Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams

In an increasingly virtual world, being able to hop on a video call at the drop of a hat is becoming ever more important.

Our LMS integration with Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams is one of our latest platform additions via Totara which means that, if your staff need training support, they can easily set up meetings or jump onto calls as needed. It’s also perfect for setting up webinars outside of the in-platform training on your LMS.

eCommerce integration

If you sell training as a business, we can integrate payment gateways so that your students can get instant access to courses as needed.

This not only saves all the hassle of data management at your end but also means your platform can pretty much run itself, 24 hours a day. It’s totally secure, so you can be sure your students’ details are in safe hands.

Event booking management

Your business may use blended learning, by using offline workshops alongside online modules for staff training. So, if you need to set up events (including live online events), keep everything in one place and stay on top of your learners’ training at all times.

Start your software integration today

It doesn’t stop there though; we can also help with the likes of integrating authoring tools, messaging apps, CRMs, single sign-on security and more.

To get in touch with the BuildEmpire team and start your bespoke LMS software integration, click here.