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Learning practices of old had the potential to have been well, boring, with reasons of how and why to engage learners often an after thought. Classrooms might have represented seats of great learning to some of us, while certain teachers might have inspired others to reach for career greatness. But for many, learning was seen as a bit of a thankless, un-engaging chore.

Methods and delivery often being flat, formulated, repetitive and wholly uninvolving for the most part.

That was of course, until learning went virtual and learning management systems were invented.

Inject an online element to pretty much anything previously considered dull and laborious, and learning platforms and sensibilities are instantly transformed into exciting, interactive portals.

Hurrah for the advent of LMS!

Not quite.

The only problem is, not all LMS creators received the memo about how eLearning can be the adventure playground of the virtual training world.

Despite eLearning being with us now for the best part of two decades, some providers haven’t exactly moved with these exciting times. And still offering incredibly boring online training material which, will lead to some subscribers desperately hoping for a home-working power outage.

You know what we’re talking about.

Those intolerable, PDF-driven traditional eLearning programmes which comprised of many thousands of power words and universally replicated stock images. Where excitement levels only ever fleetingly peaked when the user was invited to click on the ‘next’ box at the foot of the page.

Mercifully LMS have moved on leaps and bounds.

Why engage your learners? Why not!

Virtual learning can be fun when just a little thought and effort goes into the back-office elements. Every seat in an online ‘classroom’ is located at the front, and the platform itself leaves every graphic option open. So as to visually engender the most engaging curriculum and learning experience humanly possible.

No learners are ever drawn in by the promise of boring, predictable, virtual training sessions. Just because a provider is delivering the content doesn’t mean that’s it job done. Overload the learners with static, uninspiring content, walk away and move on to the next IT project.

That’s not how learning works. Neither in reality nor virtual reality.

Your Employees Want to Learn. So, We Want to Give You an Exciting Platform to Teach From

Just imagine the fun that could be had with a direct and ready access to an LMS which boasted a whole raft of collaborative, innovative features which relentlessly piques a learner’s interest. With functionalities like in-built video players (which hook you up to YouTube tutorials) and webinar integration (affording seamless connections to Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams), being just two examples.

We can design and build all this for you and your learners, while elsewhere we can do those other LMS things we do best. Including building new bespoke plugins, upgrading old software, developing custom and gamification features (where learners can gain badges and certificates and generate online PDFs which they can share with peers via their mobile devices).

Don’t get us wrong. Both audio and video are impressive first steps to take when considering an LMS. Yet eLearning can be taken much further, by way of introducing gamification, simulations or even digital avatars representing the learner.

It’s all there for the taking (well learning).

What are the Benefits of Generating Learner Interest?

User retention rates soar, for a quiet start. If you keep giving learners reasons to return for more of the same, then they will do just that. And we’re not just referring to the creation of blocks of non-descript content but rather a more whistles and bells aesthetic appeal. The means to interact with others. The tools to explore and push the boundaries of learning and personal development.

Learners feel more involved. Less taught. More a case of experiences shared. A more enticing and rewarding exchange. The very best interactive eLearning enthrals you. Commands your undivided attention. It grabs you and takes you on a journey through the educational material you’re contractually obliged to inwardly digest.

But an LMS should seek to inspire, move and motivate. To plant ideas and act on them. It was Steve Jobs who once said that, ‘ideas without action aren’t ideas. They’re regrets.’

You’ll be pleased to learn that our LMS packages are the result of great ideas, actioned for the benefit of both employers and employees.

What Pitfalls Need to be Actively Avoided?

Apathy creeping in. Clicking through pages of relentless text ushers in levels of tedium in learners, and as a consequence will inevitably become distracted. Be it via their phones, emails or colleagues.

We work, rest and play in a fully immersive virtual world, parallel to the real one. A world where everything is a swipe or click of a button away. People are interacting while on the go, away from their homes, schools, colleges and places of work. You certainly don’t wish to be limited to eLearning courses which are purely activated on a desktop surround. If an LMS neglects to meet the demands of a contemporary workforce, it’s destined to fail to engage your learners.

LMS creators must also think about what travels well, and what doesn’t, in terms of original learning materials. Once they’re transposed from offline to online contextual surrounds. What may work in-situ, like classroom-led PowerPoint presentations, are unlikely to interpret well in an eLearning environment. Where previously instructors could enliven dull, perfunctory slide shows with narration and audience interaction, virtually it’s nothing more than a boring click-through series of slides.

In summary…. Always remember to think visually.

We’re not suggesting overlooking copy completely. But rather replacing text overloading by means of diagrams, infographics, images that communicate and videos. Motivating learners is everything.

An LMS that effectively presents content in a visual way goes a long way to engage your learners.

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