How Training Providers Can Move Face-To-Face Learning Online

Take your training to the next level and keep learners engaged

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Lockdown hasn’t been easy for businesses who are trying to run their usual training programmes, all while working from home.

From getting used to navigating home-based work life to dealing with new ways to keep learners engaged, it’s easy to fall into the trap of just delivering three-hour slide presentations through video calls.

And they’re probably leaving students snoozing at the other end.

That’s because, while these presentations may have hooked them in the past, delivering that method online and in person can create completely different experiences.

So, how do you take your training to the next level and keep learners engaged when you’re hosting sessions remotely?

Quizzes and Exercises

Instead of just talking at your learners for the duration of your session, get them involved with the content – it’s a great way to keep them on their toes.

Host a couple of quizzes or run game exercises throughout, so students know to keep listening if they want to get top marks or win the games.

This can work if you’re delivering it live but is also super effective if you’ve moved the whole class onto an online platform or a learning management system (LMS).

In fact, within your LMS, you’ll even have native tools that will help you easily create this kind of content, known as gamification, to a professional standard, and you can also utilise this to create a personalised learning experience.

Group Work

Working alone isn’t for everyone and some people find it much easier to study with peer support.

The good news is that there are now many platforms (for example, Zoom or Microsoft Teams) where you can break students off into smaller groups.

That means they can work on answering questions or undertaking tasks together before returning to the main session to share the results.

Within your LMS, though, you could also think about introducing a forum, where people can interact with fellow learners, so, even when it’s not a live session, they can still get the help they need while studying in their own time.


If the coronavirus pandemic has proven anything, it’s that we need to be more flexible in our approach to life right now.

So, while many people are dealing with the stress of lockdowns, restrictions and job changes, it’s a good time to give students a little bit of a reprieve and release some of the pressure.

With that in mind, rather than running modules that last hours at a time, think about working the course into smaller, bite-size chunks that can be undertaken at a time that suits them.

You could even record short videos in advance with quizzes, which is not only also ideal for those who can’t make the sessions and need to catch up, but also a great way to sell the course to more people who won’t usually be able to make your particular course schedule.

Either way, you may even find that students enjoy the learning more and are more likely to keep paying attention with this modular method.


The worst thing about hosting a session through a live video call is when students aren’t able to ask questions.

You’ll obviously want to keep people muted to avoid disruptive background noise, but the key here is making sure there is another back-channel open for communication.

To combat this issue, run a live chat through something like Slack, WhatsApp, email or a social media channel at the same time, where learners can discuss and revise material, and perhaps even keep it open after the session has ended.

Just don’t forget to check it at the end for any questions you missed while presenting.


You’re only as good as your last session, so always go back to your students and ask them for their thoughts on how you could make the experience even better than it currently is.

It’s a great way to gauge learner satisfaction, but also helps you build a road-map to work from going forward.

If you’re looking for support on how to build the ultimate online learning experience, get in touch with the buildempire team right here for more information.