Introducing: Totara Perform

As Platinum Alliance Partners, Totara and BuildEmpire offer a unique, collective solution to workplace learning by empowering effective employee engagement strategies and boosting business-wide productivity.

Working in partnership with BuildEmpire, the Totara Talent Experience Platform offers an all-in-one productivity suite which is designed to tailor performance management, identify key upskilling requirements and support an agile workforce.

These solutions are split into 3 key modules. They are:

Totara Learn: learning management system (LMS) where learning and development (L&D) teams can upskill their workforce with flexibility to deliver transformational learning.

Totara Engage: the learning experience platform (LXP) where an entire business can unite together to deliver high performance through that upskilling.

Totara Perform: a performance management system which allows for continuous performance management and boosted workplace productivity, anytime, anywhere.

In this article, we will concentrate on Totara Perform, deep diving into the product focus and exploring how BuildEmpire can help build a premium learning experience alongside it.

What is Totara Perform?

Totara Perform is an agile performance management system designed to empower learning and development (L&D)teams in increasing engagement and enhancing workplace productivity.

It allows teams to increase productivity by using flexible, frequent performance check-ins between managers and mentors, to develop the needs of each individual. As a result, this helps to shape precise and achievable career paths, all of which help drive positive change and bring businesses one step closer to achieving their corporate goals.

What does Totara Perform do?

Harnessing the power of continuous performance management to boost workplace productivity, Totara Perform allows teams to set their own learning course, from which L&D can tailor performance management practices to each business’ environment.

Its purpose is to increase learner engagement, align both employees and management to boost performance and to help identify skills gaps across an organisation. As a result, this gives L&D teams accurate, data-based insights into areas for career development and upskilling their workforce.

But that’s not all.

Unlike proprietary software vendors, Totara Perform offers L&D the freedom to adapt and innovate around the specific needs of their organisation, thanks to its open-source, flexible frameworks.

This makes connecting with LMSs such as Totara Learn, easier than ever, unlocking an all-in-one productivity suite which supports a competitive, agile business.

What are the benefits of Totara Perform?

Totara Perform equips L&D teams with a full suite of performance management tools needed for a highly productive workforce. It’s a tool designed to help unlock true potential, and it does so by:

Adapting to the way each individual organisation works – never shoehorning a one-size-fits-all approach

Synergizing managers and staff with organizational goals by improving or introducing new appraisal processes

Objectively gauging strengths, weaknesses and opportunities by balancing self-evaluation and input from peers, team members and supervisors

Using powerful reporting to identify performance trends

Integrating with Human Capital Management (HCM) products such as payroll, recruiting and talent management

Plus, much more.

What makes Totara Perform different?

With Totara Perform, there’s no one rule. It’s adaptable, interchangeable, and tailored for the needs of each business, as and when those needs change.

That’s because it’s designed with adaptability and productivity at its core, making it the performance management system that frees L&D teams from rigid processes.

Instead, Totara Perform empowers organisations to encompass the full spectrum of performance management practices, from single annual appraisals to regular performance check-ins and reviews, allowing L&D teams to harness the power of continuous performance management and boost workplace productivity.

The ultimate, collaborative solution to upskilling, engaging and managing workplace learning

Combining Totara Perform with Totara Learn and Totara Engage means unlocking the potential of every single learner in the organisation. At BuildEmpire, we offer a combination of all solutions to empower effective employee engagement strategies and peak productivity.

We’re the perfect provider to offer consistent training and ongoing support, to ensure you and your learners always get the most out of your solution.

To find out more, get in touch.

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