Introducing: Totara Learn

Introducing Totara Learn

BuildEmpire can offer the ultimate, collaborative solution to upskilling, engaging, and managing workplace learning, now as a proud Platinum Alliance Partner of Totara.

The Totara Talent Experience Platform is built up of 3 powerful solutions, all designed to help build a stronger workplace, increase resilience, and prosper in today’s fast-changing world.

These solutions include:

Totara Learn: learning management system (LMS) where learning and development (L&D) teams can upskill their workforce with flexibility to deliver transformational learning.

In this article, we will concentrate on Totara Learn, deep diving into the product focus and exploring how BuildEmpirecan help build a premium learning experience alongside it.

What is Totara Learn?

As part of a combined talent experience platform, Totara Learn is the ultimate, LMS which provides an agile solution to meet the unique needs of each business.

By replacing traditional LMS’s with Totara’s transformational, open learning platform, L&D teams are then able to remove the historical barriers which come with workplace learning, propelling a businesses’ learning culture into a future thinking state where all employees can add strategic value to an organisation.

It’s a completely new, forward-thinking approach to learning, and empowers every member of an organisation to achieve their true potential.

What does Totara Learn do?

Thanks to its structured goal orientated approach, Totara Learn empowers L&D teams to execute an effective, engaging workplace learning strategy. These approaches are:

To Learn: i.e., provide a solution which quickly scales up learning programs and reaches learners whenever, and wherever needed

To Upskill: i.e., engage people are engaged through powerful blended learning and collaboration

To Transform: i.e., align technologies and integrate within a business, to support strategies and create new routes for innovation.

A combination which together, support L&D professionals to execute, monitor, report, automate and deliver learning content across an entire organisation.

What are the benefits of Totara Learn?

Totara Learn equips L&D professionals with an extensive learning suite to build transformational corporate training processes. These tools are designed to upskill a workforce, and provide a solution that adapts to the unique needs of each business such as:

Catering to multiple groups from a single instance of a GDPR compliant, open-source LMS

Combining a streamlined admin experience with distinctly branded and isolated user environments

Building comprehensive, custom reports with pinpoint LMS reporting and data

Tracking learner performance and sending automatic email notifications

Targeting external groups such as customers, partners, contingent workers, or the public to expand audiences and boost the reach of training

Delivering blended and collaborative learning on the go with a customisable LMS and mobile learning app

Offering branded learning with custom themes, gamification, design, and navigation

Providing admin friendly LMS course management to give maximum flexibility over the course setup

Single sign-on supports easy access to learning with users’ Microsoft, Google, or Facebook credentials, helping to boost login and engagement rates, enhance blended or social learning and lower barriers to learning

Plus, much more.

What makes Totara Learn different?

No longer a hard split between classroom-based sessions or online courses, employee learning in the modern L&D space today is much or an “and” approach, rather than a “this” or “that”.

Totara Learn embodies this notion to its fullest, supporting both offline and online learning events with centrally curated blended learning.

It’s a tool designed to meet the needs of an entire workforce, as well as cater to multiple groups, partners, andcustomers from a single LMS. To work for everyone, with everyone.

Engage, unite, and upskill your workforce

Alongside Totara, this makes us the perfect platform provider to offer consistent training and ongoing support, to ensure you and your learners always get the most out of your solution.

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