How has workplace learning evolved over the years?

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From traditional classroom training to online, on-demand tutorials, workplace learning has transformed over the years to become a pioneering force in the world of the employee.

According to the 2022 Workplace Learning Report, the pandemic forced a global learning change which propelled the working world into shifting simultaneously. This, along with economic and social turbulence, has prompted employees to prioritise flexibility and fulfilment as essential needs for them to stay in a role, meaning their needs for learning and development (L&D) now have a new purpose.

As a result, businesses are re-evaluating strategies, workforce models, values, and culture to meet these employee needs.

So, let’s explore this further. What has led L&D to this position where it’s embracing fresh solutions to learning?

Learners have become consumers

They have also become very competent and practical as learners too, partly because they now have more access to the learning content they need, but also as they have grown their digital literacy skills over the years too.

In fact, this knowledge regeneration is critical in today’s fast-moving world, as new technologies are launching at rapid speeds to help make L&D a better, more effective learning resource.

Technology has influenced a more connected learning environment

In the L&D space, digital transformation makes it possible for employees to access learning content at a faster, more efficient and more cost-effective rate than they ever have before, all by providing on-demand learning that meets their specific skillset needs.

This gives businesses the ability to collate the most accurate data, and provide intelligent insights into each employee’s learning process. What’s more, the technological enhancements which come with cloud-based learning management systems (LMSs) enables employees to connect and learn together, despite their physical locations or time zones, as most online learning platforms allow users to login when, where and from whichever device is most convenient for them.

Workplace learning expectations have shifted

For many years, the assumption by L&D has been that the best way to deliver a quality learning experience was by hosting conferences or face-to-face classroom sessions.

However, L&D is now seeing a prominent shift in perspective – a realisation that studying online can offer just as much of a quality learning experience, if not more so, than face-to-face learning.

From being able to access a more diverse range of courses, to learning at their own time and pace, learners are now embracing the benefits of studying virtually.

It does come with its own expectations, though. For example, online learning can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach anymore. Now, learners are looking for a more personalised experience suited to their own individual training needs and development goals.

What does this mean for L&D?

Better employee engagement.

But, engagement means something different to what it used to

Today, employees demand to be engaged in a way they haven’t been before, which means many businesses are being forced to re-think their entire online training strategies. This is because dull and laborious tasks of reading through PDFs, or completing tick-box exercises, simply don’t resonate anymore.

Instead, employees want to feel motivated to learn otherwise, to be frank, they won’t. And with 56% of employees learning at a point of need, and 28% on their commute (according to the Elucidat Bite-Sized Learning Guide), this means that it’s not enough to simply make learning content accessible; it needs to be inclusive, dynamic and optimised in different styles.

As a result, more and more businesses are shaking up their L&D strategies, and their excited, stimulated employee engagements are through the roof.

Future thinking

If nothing else, the past few years have taught businesses around the world that planning for the unknown isn’t always easy. But, when you get it right, the results can be second to none.

So, as we enter this evolution of the L&D space, don’t get left behind. Harness what you’ve experienced over the years to build a stronger training strategy, utilise the latest technology and stay relevant.

And if you’re not sure where to start, we can help you achieve those L&D goals with anything from custom software solutions to bespoke virtual learning environments. In fact, here at BuildEmpire, we can design and build the perfect learning management system to fit your L&D needs both now and in the future, and we will be there to offer hosting and support for as long as you need us.

To find out more, get in touch.

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