How BuildEmpire can be the ideal LMS partner for training providers

Since 2002 BuildEmpire have been building, hosting and supporting the most engaging learning management systems for a range of sectors and markets, all of which has led us to become the most sought-after choice for training providers today.

Our solutions are scalable, robust, and will meet the exact business needs, but don’t just take our word for it, find out about our customers’ experience directly, as we drill down into how BuildEmpire can be the ideal partner for training providers and explore the tangible results we deliver.

The Education Development Trust (EDT)

EDT is an international not-for-profit organisation working to improve education outcomes around the world.

When they first partnered with us, their goal was to find a learning management system (LMS) which could host eLearning modules and webinars for their people, across all devices and locations. This LMS needed to have a survey function, access for up to 70 Programme Trainers who all needed to be able to log into the LMS, view their webinar groups, and mark attendance, and advances reporting functionality too.

EDT wanted learners to be able tocomplete surveys, view or sign up to a full range of webinar groups and complete eLearning units. As a result, we built a solution which included a bespoke LMS to enable users to create an individual username, log in, enter their profile information, and create an account, and featured reporting functions to track webinar attendance and eLearning completion rates. As well as this, we also built an integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and ensured that users couldaccess the LMS from a range of devices such as laptops, computers, iPads, tablets, and Smart Phones.

The results were quick and significant. The project was rolled out in only 6-8 weeks and EDT were able to host 2,000 Early Years Practitioners (EYPs) and 70 Programme Trainers on the platform. What’s more, 86% of EYPs said they were satisfied with navigating the online platform, commenting that “the webinars have been very good, also being able to access the e-learning in our own time made it easy to fit into family/work life without being too time consuming.”


Bugaboo already had an LMS before they began working with us, however that system no longer met their needs and didn’t offer flexibility to add, update and change content in-house.

It was also important for Bugaboo to develop an LMS which would train sales teams, ensuring a seamless in store experienceregardless of country or region, so we built a custom Totara based LMS with localised, translatable content which was easily accessible from any device.

Not only has this new platform helped ensure complete consistency of the experience Bugaboo customers have in store, but they have also managed to save time and internal resources, as they are now able to manage everything in house from content creation to updating the platform rather than having to liaise with a third party.

Each retailer now also receives the localised content they needed, as well as the ability to develop and devise their own training plan. It’s been an incredibly successful roll-out, with Global Trainer Camille Menthiller, commenting that “the collaboration between Bugaboo and BuildEmpire built a flexible learning management system allowing an intuitive, fun and localised product training for retailers across the regions“ – exactly what the brief called for.

The Center for Creative Leadership® (CCL)

CCL is a top-ranked, non-profit global provider of leadership development and a pioneer in the field of global leadership research, but before partnering with BuildEmpire, they were operating across multiple online platforms to aid onboarding and online learning of their clients.

With a new vision in mind, CCL wanted to consolidate the multiple learning and logistic platforms into a single onboarding and LMS to develop their offering further and help to secure their place at the forefront of executive education. This new LMS had to offer the ability to build learning activities directly into the platform as well as link out to CCL’s assessment systems, and the platform needed to facilitate social learning, provide a solution for the auto enrolment of learners and ultimately make learning more accessible by reducing barriers too.

In the words of Senior Technical Product Manager, Kyle Epps, CCL “needed a platform that could allow us to more easily create custom courses, but that would also enable us to continue to deliver according to our engaging design.” With that, we set out to build a solution which incorporated auto enrolment, gamification, single sign-on integrations, new platform theming and presentation, reflections and the consolidation of learning platforms, all at once.

With the help of BuildEmpire, CCL saw users highlighting 200,000 pieces of content to save after their classes in the first half of 2022 alone, as well as a marked reduction in the administrative requirements associated with the previous platforms.

What’s more, CCL can now expand their offering by selling courses to organisations, train trainers within organisations and upload their own learners to deliver the courses themselves. Something that would not have been possible if it hadn’t have been for their BuildEmpire partnership.


MBL provides learning and developmentfor professional service firms, delivering face-to-face seminars, conferences, and in-house training.

They came directly to us with the requirement of having a Totara LMS with custom UI design and bespoke webhooks to integrate MBL systems, so we went straight to work.

Our solution for MBL included custom made webinar activities, interactive mobile and tablet experiences, a user friendly interface design, live interactive courses, integrations with their booking system and direct data transfer to their CRM too.

But we didn’t stop there.

In order to give the users a seamless journey from the MBL website to the LMS, we also implemented the Microsoft Azure SSO solution, an agile approach which Operations Director, Sarah Maundrell said “allows us to flex our requirements in-line with the changing demands of the business, without any compromise on quality.”

Through our partnership, students no longer need to enter a username and password to enter the Totara LMS, this is instead be captured from the student logging into MBL’s homepage, and an authorisation token sent to Totara, where they are then taken straight to their dashboard of courses for a personalised experience.

BPP University

Working with 80% of the FTSE100 companies, BPP is the UK’s only university dedicated to business and professional training.

Having outgrown their existing learning platform, BPP came to us looking for a sophisticated, feature-rich platform with increased functionality around learning groups, and that’s exactly what we delivered.

Our solution featured integration with mobile apps, single sign-on security, APIs to pull everything together, auto-enrolment onto courses and maximised learner engagement tracked and powered by Totara Learn.

The BPP team and Director of Marketing and Recruitment, Stuart Kay, were delighted with the results, saying “the solutions they deliver, and standard of development is second to none… this wealth of development coupled with an insightful customer service oriented account team is why I will continue to use them.”

And so to Stuart, Sarah, Kyle, Camille and the Early Years Practitioners team, thank you for choosing BuildEmpire. We’re thrilled with your results so far, and we hope to continue these successes as the ideal partner for training providers.


As a Platinum Alliance Partner, BuildEmpire utilises the UK’s leading learning management system, Totara, as the strong and scalable foundation for each unique LMS we build.

Together, we’re here to become an extension of your business, and we will work with you to build an engaging and future proof learning management system that fits your needs.

Find out more about Totara and BuildEmpire here.

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