Has Covid changed the way we learn forever?

A look into how the pandemic has affected the traditional learning experience

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Think ‘education’ and you’ll likely picture a class of children listening to a teacher lecture at the front of a room – but has Covid changed the way we learn forever?

Twelve months ago, you would never have believed that more than 1.2 billion children would be forced out of the classroom due to a global pandemic.

And, while billions of people were forced to reconcile with a new way of life, the biggest shake-up of all was perhaps to the worldwide education system.

Embracing Online

Earlier this year, before Covid really started to hit Europe, we contemplated whether eLearning could ever rule the world.

Nine months later and it seems that, if the pandemic has taught us anything about education, virtual learning has commandeered a much more important place in modern society than even we had realised at this point.

With teachers able to interact with students from home and many universities and businesses swiftly moving courses onto eLearning platforms, it was incredible to see how quickly educators embraced advanced technology to deliver valuable learning experiences to those depending on them.

And with much of the technology already there, the transition to online learning was not as hard as many may have imagined. The reality of a world focused on virtual learning before traditional education, while forced, suddenly became a very real thing.

So, now that many of us are back in work and students have headed back to class, albeit with strict social distancing rules in place, will things ever go back to the way they were?

Honestly, we don’t think so.

The Future of Learning

When such a global shift in a particular industry happens, there is, essentially, no going back.

And with the pandemic uncovering new realities and paths in learning for people who have never contemplated them before, some are thinking of ditching the traditional classroom altogether.

From parents who yearn to take their children travelling (and now know they can learn on-the-go), to the rise in higher education students now contemplating online degree courses, eLearning has opened a world of opportunities – or, at least, revealed them to people who never knew they existed.

But, really, we don’t believe the outlook of education will be (or has to be) one or the other.

In truth, we reckon the pandemic has simply brought an already-emerging future forward, one we’ve highlighted before, where virtual learning and traditional classroom learning go hand-in-hand.

And we have no doubt that those heading back into face-to-face educational settings will now be expecting more technology-led teaching than ever before, as a tool for building on in-class success.

In fact, educators may very well be embracing the ease of using virtual learning to appeal to students who struggle with traditional learning methods.

Why? Because eLearning is proving to be the most effective way to boost student motivation, by appealing to shorter attention spans and showing an increase in the amount of valuable information that is retained.

So, by blending these educational techniques, students will not only have access to different methods of learning but also still have those key face-to-face social interactions that are an important part of everyday life.

For businesses, though? It could be a totally different story. Where physical learning isn’t needed, we’ll undoubtedly be seeing an increasing number take compulsory courses online, saving on costs and training even more people at one time.

If anything, the future of education is looking more exciting than ever before.

Moving Online

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But don’t forget, we’re also here to help. If you’d like to find out more about building your own eLearning platform, contact the BuildEmpire team here.