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Is Your Online Learning Environment Secure?

How can you make sure your learning environment is secure in the cloud?

A secure, scalable infrastructure with a website, engaging VLE, bespoke applications, and a Totara Learn upgrade. 'The Hub' is the centre of all student and staff activity, changing the way BPP do business.

Enterprise Infrastructure with Extensive Integrations

Infrastructure & Architecture

What is a web application – and why are they becoming so crucial in the eLearning world?

Web applications, engagement, and interactive experiences in eLearning

A search platform which helps to match local animals in need of a home with local people looking for a new pet.

An Animal Lover’s Search Platform

Websites & Applications

A unique, video-based, VLE to help coaches around the world train their players in an engaging way.

A Bespoke Training Video Platform

Websites & Applications

A bespoke HR tool to help PayPal staff standardise their recruitment process in a growing company.

PayPal Recruitment Tool

Websites & Applications

An interactive web application which helped engaged customers and improve user experience.

Helping customers select the right ball

Websites & Applications

Multi-lingual multi-sites for Jarden brands Crockpot and Foodsaver. Built in wordpress then customised to suit the market needs.

New markets for Crock-pot and Foodsaver

Infrastructure & Architecture

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