PayPal Recruitment Tool

Online Interview Manager

The Client

PayPal is the online payment system we all know and use. Founded in 1998, the US based company now has offices across the globe and is fast becoming a preferred method of payment for both online and face to face purchases, as well as money transfers between friends and family.

As a growing company, PayPal wanted to make sure their recruitment and interview process was as stream-lined as possible. This is where BuildEmpire were able to help.

The Brief

Paypal wanted a way to standardise their interview process, in the form of an interview management platform to assist their inhouse recruitment team. The app needed to help the team ask good quality questions as well as helping them work more efficiently.

The application needed to be a flexible tool which would help staff plan their interviews and share best practice.

The Challenges

  • The application needed to be extremely flexible
  • It needed to output a PDF which presented itself well for every situation, this was difficult because of the extreme flexibility

Our Solution


The application we built enables the interviewer to create a tailored interview plan, based around Paypal’s success factors. Our solution gives the member of staff the option to create their own questions as well as choose pre-prepared questions suitable for the level of role they are recruiting for. The app is fully branded and very user friendly, and once the interview has been planned the interviewer has the choice of downloading the plan as a PDF document ready to take into the interview, with space to record the candidates answers and interviewer’s notes.

The solution helped Paypal to make sure they were consistent with the recruitment process across the company, as well as helping the recruitment team work more efficiently.

The system also meant the recruiting manager could quickly send feedback to their talent acquisition partner.

The Tech

The solution is a Ruby on Rails application. We utilised a html to pdf generation tool to automatically generate the customised form with input elements enabled.

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