New markets for Crock-pot and Foodsaver

Multi-lingual Multi-sites in WordPress

The Client

Jarden Consumer Solutions manufactures a range of household appliances designed to simplify everyday life.

Jarden is the company behind the well known brands Crockpot, Foodsaver, Oaster, Breville and more.

The Brief

Jarden needed to increase sales in the European market, and so came to us for new multi-lingual sites which would help them do this.

As a major player in the domestic appliances market, the company needed their branding to be consistent across all sites, as well as the ability for individual sites to be locally managed in terms of content and languages.

The Challenges

  • The sites had to cope with multiple languages (between 5 and 10)
  • We had to work to various different market and media deadlines throughout the project
  • The size of the company and market place meant we were often adapting the sites to be appealing to a vast range of people across different markets and countries

Our Solution


The solution we built for Jarden was a multi-lingual (in some instances up to 10 languages) multi-site. The site was fully editable so that it could easily be passed to Jarden’s localised content teams for their individual brands (in this instance Foodsaver and Crockpot).

We created and built brand new, custom plug-ins for the site which meant the site was personalised for the company.

Since Jarden already had existing websites, we were also able to take this content and put it into the new site in a far more editable format, empowering the local teams and modernising the old website. This modernisation also had to be appealing to a vast audience from multiple countries and cultures, so we worked closely with the Jarden UX and designers to produce websites with the right feel and user interfaces.

The Tech

The CMS of choice for this project was WordPress as the content team at Jarden were familiar with this platform. The websites had to be formatted in such a way that they delivered a good user experience no-matter what language was presented, which meant a lot of time was spent testing the page layout with different language options. The multi-site meant that the company could easily standardise the branding across all their websites and the branding team can maintain some control in this area.

The custom WordPress plugins we created centred around custom post-types and taxonomies, which could be easily packages up and installed on their other sites.

Overall, the Jarden team now have a multi-lingual multi-site which is modern and easily updated with new content.

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