How Customised Learning Management Systems Transform The Online Education Experience

Why using a one-size-fits-all LMS approach isn't always the best way forward

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Ever buy something off-the-shelf and realise when you get home that it’s not quite what you needed – even if it does achieve the basic job?

Working with a learning management system (LMS) that lacks the features you need to deliver a fun, engaging and seamless learning experience for your users can be frustrating, particularly if you’re trying to build higher success rates or increase the number of return users.

It might be that you’re sick of having to log into different systems that could potentially work together as one, causing more hassle each time you try to register a new learner, or the system can’t handle the amount of interaction needed to deliver the right level of support.

That’s the beauty of using a customised LMS – ensuring that the learning experience you deliver is both unique, personalised and easy-to-use for both admin staff and course users.

So, when it really comes down to it, what does customisation actually mean? And how do you know what you really need?

Don’t Forget The User

Before even thinking about how to customise your LMS, the one thing you need to keep at the heart of your planning – which is surprisingly often overlooked – is actually your end user.

Who your end user is will determine how much time you should be putting into the planning and development of your LMS, as well helping to inform your budget.

For example, if clients are investing a lot of money into a particular course, they should expect a quality experience that delivers on their education goals, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach which may be better required for a group of staff who need to pass a simple health and safety course.

Once this has been established, you can then build on what customisation tools you’ll need to deliver on learning expectations and how important it will be to the final product.

More Than A Logo

So, you’ve determined your end user and you realise that, actually, a quality learning experience is really key to your students’ success, with customisation being a vital attribute to making this happen.

But customising your LMS is so much more than just adding a logo to your learning content.

Whether it’s about creating a system that can be tailored personally to each user while allowing you to simultaneously track learner progress and engagement from the back end of the software as needed, or building a seamless experience through layout and design, there are a number of things to consider when planning your customised LMS.

Questions to ask yourself could include:

  • Do I need a plugin that bridges the LMS with another piece of software – such as a CRM?
  • Do I already have a basic LMS that can be built on, rather than starting from scratch?
  • Do I need to make sure users only have access to certain areas of the LMS? Will admins need certain permissions to edit programmes?
  • How smooth should the user experience be when signing up and completing a course?
  • Will each user have different learning needs or levels?
  • Do I need an area where students can communicate or access mentors within the software?
  • Will admins need to be able to edit and adapt course content on a regular basis?

Once you have determined the answer to each of these questions, you’ll begin to get a picture of what your customised LMS should look like and how much you need to invest in it to deliver the learning goals – and why tailoring your system will transform the online experience.

Making It Happen

This is where consulting with an experienced development team can really help – by working with experts that can put your vision into action with bespoke plugins, create a multi-tenant LMS (read more about how that works right here) or tailor layout and design to your brand specifications that ensure the best experience as each user follows their learning journey through the course.

So, if you’re looking for an LMS that ensures you or your users will no longer be battling a system that only delivers the basics, get in touch with the BuildEmpire team to get started.

You can also find out more about working with us on your own customised LMS, click here.

Looking for a brief template to help you plan? You can download our eLearning Platform Brief document here to help you plan your perfect LMS.